London is full of small services

Thing that I really like in big cities is easy access to every kind of service. In small towns sometimes is really hard to find good teem to help in removal or someone who will make furniture especially for my office. I have specific needs and lockers from IKEA aren’t good for some uses. But never mind, I just want to say, that in London or Paris or even Liverpool is everything, tha you need. In small villages people must looking for someone, who can help. In cities people who can help are looking for someone, who wants pay.

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Special situations requires special services

We know good our daily tasks. Not only in work, but also in homes. These things are under control and we know, what and how to do. Of course, we are looking for things that may improve it, like new software, new washing machines, frozen foods or shorter road to office. Everything may be done better, but daily things we make fast enough and efficient. Worse is with things, that happens once per several years like removals.

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Job for real man

There is a lot of articles in colorful magazines and websites, that modern world don’t need strong men, because everything is made by machines. The most virile sector of economy is electronics and entertainment. Place for muscles now is only in video games, where characters has really strong bodies. But it is not true, there is many areas, where we need to do job by hands. Try to bring furniture on the second floor – there still no robots, that will do it.

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What changed my removal to uptown?

All my life I lived in London. My parents arrived to this city before my birthday, they tried to find a good job and have found. All my life I spent with good public transport, shops around and access to good education. Also things like warm water, electricity, phones and later fast Internet was obvious for me. I didn’t realize, that not everywhere in Great Britain things like that are available. Big cities have own advantages and people really quickly forgets about how looks life on villages, that are far away from London and other large places.

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Big cities are chance

I grown up in small city 50miles from London. Everything was fine, but small towns have some difficulties like worse education, medical care, shops and worse possibilities of professional career. I finished high school in larger city nearly  my home, also I worked there to 23 year of my life. But finally I started thinking about job with better perspectives, This job was seller in market with electronics, whats mean that money was good for young man without any responsibilities. But for someone with family they was too low. Also job didn’t give any chances for promotion, so I decided to find better.

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Follow your dreams

Many young boys dreams about Wembley. They wants to be a famous football players, who represent own country on World cup final. But life is going own way and not all of boys may grow up to professional player. But still they may go to Wembley, but not to arena. I think about living on this residential area.

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New place means new hopes

When we remove to new home, we always have hops than in new place life will be better than in old. Maybe is somewhere psychological explain why, but for us is enough to know it. New places is opportunity to know new neighborhoods, find new places like small shops on backstreets, new cafe and restaurant. People always are excited, when must go to new places, not only to new home somewhere in London, but also when they go to holiday on exotic islands, go to new school or new job. Also always is a little concerns that new surrounding area will be unfriendly, people bad, road to work horrible, house  will need profound renovation, or choice will be wrong.

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